For the majority of us, our cars are vital to our everyday activities. From getting to and from work, dropping the kids off at school, getting the groceries from the store, and so much more, we only realize how much we truly rely on our cars when they’re out of commission. While we depend on our vehicles to get wherever it is we need to go, our vehicles depend on their transmission to be functioning properly in order to run. While you will get thousands of miles on the road before needing transmission repair in Reno, it’s important for you to know when your car is giving you signs that it needs a trip to the auto shop.

At Arrow Automotive, our auto repair specialists not only care about keeping your vehicle in its best shape but about your safety as well. Ignoring any obvious problems will only lead to more costly auto maintenance, as well as put you and your loved ones at risk. Here are a few things to look out for if your transmission is failing.

Slipping Gears

For automatic transmissions, if your car begins to change gears on its own or you begin to notice slight hesitations in between gears, the vehicle is not possessed, only trying to let you know that the transmission is going bad. For manuals, the stick will constantly jump back into neutral. If you’ve been having these issues, be sure to come into Arrow Automotive before the problem gets worse!

Strange Sounds

No matter if you have a manual or automatic transmission, odd sounds emanating from your car is never a good sign. If you’ve begun to hear loud grinding, clunking, or humming sounds, don’t turn the volume up and call it good. These sounds are clear indications that something is wrong and that you need a mechanic to determine the cause of these noises.

Check Engine Light

While we all dread seeing that orange check engine light illuminating, it’s important not to get angry and blame the light. It’s only doing its job and trying to warn you that something is wrong! While it doesn’t usually indicate that your transmission is failing, if it comes on while you’re experiencing these other warning signs, it’s time to bring your car into a mechanic. Even if it’s not the transmission, something else is wrong and you’re going to want our experts to run a diagnostic check.

Leaking Fluids

Possibly the most identifiable sign that your transmission is failing is when you begin to notice fluid leakage. Transmissions are sealed tightly, and should never leak unless there’s trouble. Transmission fluid is bright red to dark brown in color and usually has a sweet aroma to it. If you’ve noticed leaking or your fluid levels are quickly depleting, then bring your car to our transmission specialists today!

Arrow Automotive Transmission Specialists

To avoid serious transmission failure that will require a lot of extra money for a full replacement instead of simple repair, it’s important to keep your eyes and ears peeled for these warning signs, and never to ignore the problem. Whether you’re looking for transmission repair or a simple oil change, Arrow Automotive is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and professional automotive repair to keep your car in good shape. Be sure to contact our auto care shop today, or just drop by!