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General Automotive Maintenance Service

Owning a vehicle today is a financial commitment beyond the initial purpose. Everyone knows that they need to get the oil changed at regular intervals. Beyond that, most people wait until something is broken or making an obvious noise to bring their car in for auto service. The truth of the matter is that getting regular scheduled car maintenance and check-ups is the easiest way to keep the costs of car ownership down. Catching something early, before it has a chance to cause damage to other things can help to avoid a major auto repair.

Auto Battery

A common misconception people have about their car has to do with what exactly the battery does. The battery’s main purpose is to hold enough energy to get your car running. Once it’s started, the alternator is actually what provides power to both the battery and, in-turn, other electrical components. If you’ve had your battery longer than 3 years, even if things seem fine, it’s time to get it inspected so that you don’t end up surprised with a dead car.


The belts on your car will dry out, crack and eventually break. Trust our ASE Certified Technicians to inspect and monitor the belts on your vehicle – we will tell you if belts need replacement before one leaves you stranded!

Cabin Air Filter

Do you or your family have allergies? Are you feeling less air coming out of your car’s vents? Is the inside of your car dustier than it should be? It is time to have Arrow Automotive Centers in Reno inspect and service your Cabin Air Filter. Our two locations and honest customer service ensures that work is done on time and inside your budget.

Exhaust System

Do you smell something bad when you’re driving? Is your car suddenly very loud? Your exhaust system may need repair or replacement. We have multiple brands of mufflers, tail pipes, center pipes and catalytic converters to choose from. Let our ASE Certified Technicians inspect your exhaust system – Our honest staff will tell you exactly what you need.

Comfort Systems Maintenance

When your car was new, the worst traffic jam on the hottest summer day couldn’t bother you. Over time, the A/C in your car will lose its effectiveness for a variety of reasons. Anything from rings, hoses or seals depreciating over time, to the compressor itself failing. Often the refrigerant will leak due to these problems. This leaking refrigerant is also an environmental hazard.

Whether your concern is for the environment, effective defogging of your windshield, or simply just comfort on your drives during the summer, having your A/C and all of its parts inspected and serviced before they break down and fail is a surefire way to save you money and headache. The A/C is driven by a belt that operates off of the power your engine generates, so a malfunctioning or inoperable A/C also causes stress to other auto parts under the hood.

Fleet Repair Service

At Arrow Automotive, our fleet program is the perfect choice for companies who need reliable and dependable service for their vehicles. Our ASE Certified Technicians are experts in preventative maintenance and can help you keep your fleet services reliable. Our company provides quick estimates, and will notify you of any necessary repairs before performing them. Here at Arrow Automotive in Reno, we are dedicated to maintaining the vehicles your company relies on. What this means is that we have the latest diagnostic tools to help pinpoint the problem and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.


We service and replace all automotive fluids. Our ASE Certified Auto Mechanics will be sure to use the correct OEM Suggested fluid for your car, truck or SUV. If you need the fluids serviced in your power steering, transmission, brake or any other system, call us now!

Fuel Filter

A clogged fuel filter can cost you a lot of downtime! Let our ASE Certified Technicians inspect and replace your fuel filter if it’s needed. Fuel filter problems can include hesitation, dying, check engine light and no-starting, so be sure to bring your car into our auto shop today.

Fuel System Service

Your Automotive Fuel System can break the bank if it’s not serviced and cleaned on a regular schedule. Properly serviced fuel systems improve fuel economy and vehicle performance.

Headlights and Bulbs

Seeing where you’re driving is the first step to safe driving. We will keep your Headlights and Bulbs working properly. This is the safest route to take!

Scheduled Maintenance

Don’t pay the dealership’s high prices. We will tell you what you need based on an honest inspection. When your vehicle is due for the 30,000 / 60,000 / 90,000 scheduled maintenance service, bring it to our auto repair shop.

Timing Belt

Your car’s Timing Belt is one of the most critical parts of the engine. Many cars and trucks require a new timing belt as soon as 5 years or 60,000 miles. Bring your vehicle to Arrow Automotive in Reno – Our ASE Certified Technicians have the advanced tools and training needed for this crucial repair.

Come to Arrow Automotive for quality Transmission Service done by highly trained auto mechanics. Located at 1995 Vassar Street Reno, NV 89502, stop by or call us at 775-997-2626. You can also schedule an appointment online or click the button below!

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