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Transmission Repair FAQ

As a leading Reno auto repair shop, Arrow Automotive Transmission Specialists is happy to share our expertise and knowledge about the repair and service of automatic and manual transmissions. We hope that all of our customers in the greater Reno area find these frequently asked questions and answers about transmission repair useful.

Should I repair or replace my transmission?

May I drive with a transmission leaking?

Is it better to drive in overdrive or normal drive?

What does scanning tell me about my transmission problem?

Can driving condition's affect my transmission?

What does a transmission repair cost at Arrow Automotive Transmission Specialists?

What are tips for the best transmission maintenance?

What type of transmission fluid does Arrow Automotive Transmission Specialists recommend for my vehicle?

What are my options for a transmission problem?

What does a transmission repair in Reno cost?

How frequently should my transmission's fluid be changed?

What transmission services does Arrow Automotive Transmission Specialists offer?

My check engine, transmission or overdrive light is on or flashes?

What Color is Transmission Fluid?

Does servicing my automatic transmission prevent it from failing?

How long will it take Arrow Automotive Transmission Specialists to check my transmission?

Should I flush or service my transmission?

Do you offer transmission problem inspections?