Brake pads work by pressing into either a drum or rotor to slow your car down. The pads are designed to last for a long time, but not forever. As brakes wear away, so does your ability to stop quickly. Often a few extra feet is the only difference between having an accident and not having one.

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Brake Maintenance & Inspection Service

As your brake pad material wears away with use, the surface(s) that they press against can be negatively altered. This means the next time you get your brakes replaced, these rotors (or drums) will need to be replaced as well. If not, they will cause damage and rapid wear to the new pads and lead to more frequent brake repair jobs. So, what can you do to avoid this cycle and the costs that come with it?

Your brake pedal is key indicator number 1. When you have new brakes and a proper amount of brake fluid, you do not need to press the pedal down very far to stop the car. As the brake pads wear, the pedal will need to be pushed down further because of the thinner pads. Eventually, you will be able to notice what feels like a slight pulsating or vibration in the pedal when slowing your car. By this time you can be damaging things other than just your brake pads. Pay attention to your pedal and how it feels and you can get in when the pads are the only thing that needs to be replaced.

Brake Fluid

Whether you have a major problem, like a brake fluid leak – or routine maintenance needed like a brake fluid flush – our honest and friendly staff is here to help. Our ASE Certified Technicians have the auto repair expertise training to service your brake fluid system.

Brake Repair

When you have a hard time stopping exactly when you want to, don’t hesitate to get quality brake repair. As brake repair is one of the most common and important services we do here at Arrow Automotive, ensuring you’re safe on the road is a priority. Your brakes are designed to withstand a lot of work, but they do wear down over time and with use. The friction and heat of stopping your vehicle along with all the random dirt and debris on the road wear down even the strongest brakes. Not only do brakes matter in performance and handling, but your safety is also a major concern. Don’t risk the health of your vehicle or your own safety, come to Arrow Automotive. We’re a NAPA AutoCare Center with over 29 years of experience. Our ASE Certified technicians know cars, and we’ll keep you safe with auto services that you can depend on.

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